Thursday, January 27, 2011

finally! a dinner is ready!

Oh! the aroma of the spicy beef! Now for the rice dish. I am used to this kind of mexican rice but the ingredients are different! Ok, I saute' a pinch of saffron till yellow in butter and olive oil( my substitute for annatto seed--when I lived in Wisconsin we had to massage a paste form of annatto seed to make our oleo margarine look like butter--ugh)then saute a chopped onion with seasonings (chili flakes and cumin seeds) till soft. Add brown long grain rice and saute' till milky. Pour in liquid of choice, either chicken stock or stock and water along with some oregano, garlic and salt. Boil till liquid is to the level of the rice then cover and cook at low heat for 2 or more hours.
We thoroughly enjoyed the meal.
PS.I would never do this again! The recipe is way too much trouble for a side of rice.
Here is what i normally do with my Mexican Rice: Fry the rice till it changes to translucent, add liquid to one inch above rice, cover and add chopped tomatoes, garlic, onion, halfway through cooking time which is 35-40 minutes. I do not add salt, My Mexican/American hosts taught me this when I lived with them--delicious.

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