Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the lowly cabbage

I am not sure but it was the biggest cabbage ever! It was irresistable! I got it home and could hardly cut it in half! After using it for a Thai meal I turned to my Nourishing Traditions cookbook. Yes, Cabbage is good for you and can be turned into a wonderful "side". I used the slicer on my Cuisinart and followed the simple directions: rinse the shredded cabbage (6 cups) in filtered water, not shaking or spinning the cabbage, place it in heavy skillet, salt and pepper and several pats of butter on top, turn on heat, turning down when it starts to steam, cook covered 5 min or until just wilted. We had it several days in a row (because of the very large cabbage!!) with everything from our breakfast of sausage patties and eggs, grilled chicken, and burgers. Yummy and so good Ok the next post will be a whole meal from the book :)

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