Wednesday, January 26, 2011

marinate beef in what?

today I have to marinate the beef chunks in lemon juice for tomorrow's all day stew. this is new to me: lemon juice marinade. It makes sense as far as breaking down the meat, I use vinegar all the time in marinades. We will see if it makes a difference because vinegar is much cheaper and always available.

The beef I am using is grass fed local. Frankly, I do not like the round steak cut of beef so it makes sense to cook it for a long time or bury it in a sauce. Round steak is not really be steak-like. Usually my mother would make "swiss steak" with it and although I have fond memories of the flavors of the sauce the beef wasn't very enjoyable.Anyway,I have cut it into 1" chunks, dried off the liquid and used organic lemon juice, about 1/2C, placed in container and left in the fridge(turned one time )
I have to get canned tomatoes, onions, green olives. Also checking my spices to see if there is enough coriander, alspice, chili powder (bought a package of mexican chili powder and made chili with it...awful--a real mistake) and cayenne. I am good with the spices for the Stew. For the rice i have been looking for annatto seeds to no avail, but I have the rest of the ingredients, Chicken Stock, cumin seeds, chili flakes, oregano, garlic.
For those of you reading my blog: I purchase a large bag of garlic heads and throw it into my freezer. When I need pressed garlic i remove and give the frozen cloves (still in their skin) a little time then slice off the tips and the back end then press.
see you tomorrow for the rest of the post

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