Friday, February 18, 2011

Update: its all good, Squash soup and Chicken Curry!

How do I describe this soup from NT cookbook? Wow, the best soup from the lowly squash ever! So creamy, rich and flavorful! I froze it in zip loc to have when we need a quick meal. We added sour cream the first time then the second time we added parmesan cheese.
We also made a chicken curry from the NT cookbook and it turned out deliciously! I looked over the ingredients and used my Thai green curry paste(which I keep frozen).
Oh No! I have used all the walnuts! So, now i will soak Almonds and pecans in the filtered water and lemon juice to make "crispy nuts".
I am setting out soup bones to make a beef stock. Have some onions and celery to toss in with the bones....can't wait! I would like to try a dessert from the book for our monday meeting...maybe some pictures soon!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Butternut squash and sun dried tomato soup with basil

The butternut squash is one of the most flavorful squash. The most flavorful is the Hubbard, but you need a machete' to open it. Butternut has a creamy texture. We grill it in the summer along with all the other favs: onion, eggplant, mushrooms.
on to the soup of the day!
I have to split the squash and roast it for 1 hour or so--till tender.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hot Rocks

Walnuts ah la Hot Rocks!

The crispy walnuts worked wonderfully in my oven! My friend Amy told me to try my Bread Proof setting and it was perfect! Today I have melted butter and added hot rock spices instead of dried rosemary and cayanne pepper, a little upgrade of my own. The results are great! Yummy! Better get them into a container quick! They are supposed to be stored in the fridge, good idea.
I will post a picture of the jar of hot rocks. My dear brother, an excellent cook in his own right, along with his fiancee' gave us these spices for Christmas!
Talk soon,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

rosemary walnuts for a snack?

Well hello there, I was hungry for some walnuts today and thought what would Nourishing Traditions say about my seasoning and roasting walnuts for a quick pick me up? Well, I will not enjoy the walnuts today, maybe tomorrow. You see I had to soak them first in filtered salted water for 7-24 hours. Then I can bake them in a low heat till they are crispy. I can eat them like that but if I want seasoned I have to go the next step. Tell you later if they were eaten with or without the extra step.
Now for some salad dressing
I have decided to put my experiments on video so I have to set up my camera. Coming soon: video clips of my cooking!