Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Enchilada Sauce--oh Wow!

I know that my randomness is coming out here and its ok if you need to stop reading! I do promise that more NT is coming and today I will write about making the NT enchilada sauce. After living with a family who's background was Mexican, I found some amazing foods that I still make today. Our hostess made her enchilada sauce from SCRATCH(as well as all tortillas, etc.) She gave me the recipe but after 30 years its gone. I have used some very excellent canned sauces but what NT enchilada sauce does is to bring back that flavor I remember. OK, you need 1/2 package of Ancho chilis(yes they are not cheap) I bought a couple of different ones but made the decision on the Ancho called for, a good decision: they are not hot and enchilada sauce is not spicy. The total ingredients: the chilis,olive oil, onion, cumin,stock,garlic, tomato paste, red wine vinegar. You must be careful with any chili, fresh or dried. I was careful but did not use Gloves(they make me itch) the chilis can be put aside while the olive oil, onion and cumin are saute'd. add stock and chilis and boil. (if needed, skim it) simmer, whisk in garlic tomato paste and vinegar. simmer covered 45min(I did add some extra water)Meanwhile I tried the breaded chicken breast recipe. I do not think I have the patience for all the dredging but it did have great flavor: Pound the breasts( i did it with a motar), dredge through flour, then egg then breadcrumbs/parmesan cheese. Then because I had time while the sauce was simmering, The enchiladas were prepped. I used the Ezekiel tortillas, grated cheddar cheese and chopped onion. Since the sauce was done it was zipped in my blender(there is a Hot Liquid level on mine) so the first set went on the bottom of my 9/13 then a layer of tortillas, chopped onion cheese, then another layer of tortillias and the next sauce set, cheese on top sprinkled with more fresh onion. Covered with foil baked at 400 25min. Wish there was a picture! The recipe for the sauce said 3 cups but I know it made 5 cups. My husband was very excited and loved the flavor and so did I: mexican comfort food:)

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